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Mr Karoshi
By Mr Karoshi
Published Jun 26,2023

This new test ( EndoTest for endometriosis) is based on gene sequencing and use of AI ( Artificial intelligence), a cutting edge technology in this modern era.

  • It can accurately detect endometriosis by sequencing microRNA from saliva using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • So far EndoTest has shown a solution with superior performance to all currently available diagnostic tools (laparoscopy, MRI, pelvic ultrasound).
  • It has been developed by a French company, and has been validated by one of the largest clinical studies for endometriosis, in collaboration with 6 French centres specialising in endometriosis.
  • The benefit of using EndoTest is to quickly confirm or exclude the diagnosis of endometriosis with a high reliability.
  • Performance wise, EndoTest is non-invasive and os easy-to-use test, reliably detects endometriosis and removes doubts in the most complex cases (sensitivity of 97%, specificity of 100%, diagnostic accuracy of 98%). Laparoscopy has about 80% diagnostic accuracy

An early diagnosis could result in

  • Early treatment of endometriosis
  • Single test to diagnose endometriosis
  • Optimising fertility care
  • Limiting the quality of life deterioration
  • Avoids invasive testing and costs related to laparoscopy and complications associated with it.


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