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Known-Unknowns in Fibroids

Mr Karoshi
By Mr Karoshi
Published Jun 26,2023

Lots of patients ask about the rate of growth of fibroid…..

In all honesty, no one knows at what rate fibroids grow for example one centimetre per month or year etc

But, what we do know is that, fibroids usually grow during the reproductive years (15-45), especially so in the 20-35 age group. Put it in another way, it is rare for fibroids to appear in a woman in her 50’s for the first time. Even if they are diagnosed at age 50, they probably were there for some time…

In which direction fibroids grow, like whether fibroids grow out of the womb or the into the womb cavity or detach from their connection to the uterus

What makes some fibroids degenerate and what makes some fibroids grow at an unexpected pace

Do size of fibroids matter, if woman is faced with infertility issues, if so whether removal improves fertility or worsens ( with good intention, whether situation gotten worse after removal of fibroid)

How often a woman with fibroid needs imaging studies such as ultrasound or MRI, every 6 monthly or yearly….

Why Afro Caribbean women are more prone than Asian or Cuacasian women…..

The Known-Unknown mystery of fibroids continues…..

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